Hosted PBX

An Easiest And Fastest Way To Get A Business Phone System

Starting a new business or expanding your team? Get a complete business phone system that is cost effective and rich features – KT CLOUD PBX.

Guaranteed phone line saving

Expensive Monthly phone line rental?
Monthly phone line starting at RM 25.00

Up to 70% phone call saving

Expensive international call rate?
Save call expenses with VOIP call


A Virtual Landline number that follow you!

Changing number because of moving office?
A virtual landline number that keeps you connected even when you are on the move.

Need an integrated communication system that links you to all your offices or branches?

Need your telecommunication system that links to your mobile?

Need a system that keeps you in touch with your office even when you are overseas?

Cannot afford to miss any important calls from your clients?

Need a fix line that can make concurrent calls?

Cloud PBX Malaysia

If the answer to any of this question is YES, give us 10 minutes of your time and lets us show you how

Cloud PBX Malaysia

  We will keep you connected even when you are on the move

  Say good bye to costly inter-branch or between colleague calls

  Say good bye to costly inter-branch or between colleague calls

  One system that integrates all your telecommunication equipment from your office phone and mobile under one integrated system

hosted PBX Malaysia
hosted PBX Malaysia
Cloud PBX Malaysia
With our system we are able to link all offices into one integrated system

This will allow HQ to contact the branches and Branch to Branch calls using extension calls as though they were house in one building regardless of where they are in the country or overseas


hosted PBX Malaysia
We are able to link the system to individual mobile phones through our App that will now convert all mobile phone as another extension line

This enable the you to keep in communication with your Branch Manager or sales personnel even though they are on the move

cloud pbx malaysia
Shifting office or workstation has never been easier No need to do extensive rewiring

No need to apply for new Telephone line or new Telephone number

Multi Level IVR
Able to record your company’s unique IVR and easily changeable from time to time

All calls that are unable to answer can be sent to voicemail to be retrieve later

Call Recording
Important conversation can be recorded for verification

Call Distribution
Each individual extension can set where the calls will be forwarded to when the user is busy

Time Of Day Routing
Call can be chosen to be routed to different destination depending on the time of the day/week

Instant Messaging
Between each user are able to sent messaging

• Audio Video Conferencing        • Hunt Group        • Real Time Billing        • Mobility        • Call Forking        • Video Call        • Class of Service        • Other Basic PBX Features

VOIP Call saving Malaysia
Still using conventional land line calls? Switch to VOIP to enjoy up to 70% call saving.

VoIP which stands for voice over Internet protocol will improve the way we communicate. VoIP basically means voice transmitted over a digital network enables user to deliver voice communications over the internet, enterprise local area networks or wide area networks including dedicated desktop VoIP phones, softphone applications running on PCs and mobile devices, and WebRTC-enabled browsers.

It allows enterprises to operate a single voice and data network.

VOIP Malaysia

VOIP enables you to

• Reduce set up cost as its easier to set up
• Much more mobile and Flexible
• Moving forward PSTN will be less supported by most telecommunication companies
• Easier to switch network

The world is going digital you should to.

Rates and Plans
hosted PBX Malaysia - Basic Plan
hosted PBX Malaysia - Value Plan
hosted PBX Malaysia - Premium Plan

** 1 x Extension required for 1 x Multi Level IVR ( Interactive Voice Respond )
** 1 x Extension required for 1 x Call Distribution

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Keep Talk Telecommunication

Keep Talk Telecommunication Sdn Bhd (KTTSB), was established on the 28th May 2014. The company is in the business of providing telecommunication products and services in Malaysia and overseas. The shareholders and the directors of the company have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of IT, Data Communication and Telecommunication. These includes:

  • Managing turnkey projects such as fibre optic cable network, microwave radio, cross connect and data networks, and VSAT
  • Providing IPPBX/Hosted PBX solution
  • Discounted calls or VOIP
  • Web RTC
  • Proving GPS tracking services in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia
  • Providing other telecommunication infrastructure works

Since the establishment of KTTSB, we have growth tremendously over the last years. We have offices in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Nepal, Singapore, and Cambodia and Myanmar.

Keep Talk Group

Our subsidiaries

Keep Talk Telecommunication Malaysia
Providing telecommunication products and services in Malaysia and overseas

Premier Venture Ltd
Carry various products & services such as IP Phones, Hosted PBX, DID Numbers, SIP Trunking, Video Conference system, SMS/Voice Blast and many more.

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